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10 Sep 2012

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Joomla is a nice and cool software, but as everything in this world is not perfect ! When you display a list of all your articles in “Category Blog” menu item type, your articles are ordered by default, by the publication date.

Mmm! So how can we change the articles sorting direction ? The solution listening at the name “Articles ReOrder”.

This is a Joomla module that allowing the visitors of your web site to sort the articles by the Created date, the Title, the Author name and the total Hits, as well, your website visitors can decide for  the sort direction among the ascending and descending.

At this point I like to give a big thanks to George Chouliaras that firstly invented the module “X Articles Ordering”, and we have totally rewrite and rename it to “Articles ReOrder”. The new version is compatible with Joomla 1.6.3 and above, as well we have add extra features like new sorting links layout and extra languages.

The available languages are the following:

Note: Except the Greek and English languages, the other languages has been translated with Google Translate Service. Thus, some of the other languages, may requiring corrections.

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