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Professional WordPress Services


design and theming

Visual Design and Theming

Finishing touches that turn a good webpage into a fantastic website requires skill, experience and extensive knowledge of good website design practices.  These are the basic principles that e-xtnd.it collaborates to create custom, elegant, unique themes so your site/blog stands out from the crowd.

custom plugin development

Web Development – Custom Plugin Development

One of the best things about WordPress is it?s extensibility. We specialize in pushing the boundaries of what WordPress can do. Full galleries, social media and extensive API integrations, event management, front end authentication and single sign-on, custom layouts and designs that transcend the traditional blog, community sites with forum integration, live streaming media ? you name it, we can code it.
Our experienced programmers have the knowledge and experience necessary to execute your project in the most efficient way. At e-xtnd.it they are the heart beat of the company, turning beautiful designs into stunning websites.

speed optimization

Speed Optimization & Analysis

Does your website load as quickly as you ? and your users ? would like ?
Today, the website speed is one of many factors that affect your search engine ranking because like Google mention: ?Speeding up websites is important, not just to site owners, but to all Internet users? .
According to a number of studies visitors spend under 7 seconds on your website before deciding whether to stay or not. e-xtnd.it can speed of your web pages and accelerate backend systems to retain your visitors and increase usability.


Search engines optimization

So now you have a great looking and fully functional website, but what use is this without visitors?
e-xtnd.it have the marketing experts that can help to drive the targeted traffic to your website that can make your business profitable.
They are aware that every company has different needs and can tailor your campaign for your specific needs.
The biggest area for marketing your website is in the search engines with both free and paid results. We have a proven track record at promoting business and can help you really kick start your company.