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WP Design Awards

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09 Apr 2013

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This plugin creates the functionality of a website design contest! Visit C Website Design to learn more about web design. Adds two shortcodes and one widget, the css_gallery and nominee_form.
The first displays a site gallery from a category of your choice.
The second one generates a form for your users to submit their sites!
The widget displays a list of site titles of a specified category, within a specific margin of rating.

It offers many settings options, such as customizable rating image, color editor, featured image and thumbnail resizing, selection of image type and more!

Feature List:


– Download, install and Activate the plugin
– Create Categories

You must create some categories for the wp design awards, custom post type!The most often is: gallery (for general category), nominees and winners for subcategories in gallery! But after all is your choice!
Just go to Design awards, click to the Participants taxonomy, and create few categories!

  • Gallery
    • Nominees
    • Winners

*You can choose the default category in design awards settings page

– Go to the settings page and make your own adjustments and save them.
Before exiting the settings page, for safety, check if your adjustments saved well, if  no, correct them and click again save! Is very important to have correct settings!
– Setting up pages
Of course you can use the shortcodes in posts, your convenience is the very reason for the creation of shortcodes. However is much more convenient to use this shortcodes in pages for easy access!

For displaying the gallery of a category, you must add a new page/post with the proper shorcode. Add a new page or post and type of copy/page (personally, i have saved the shortcodes as snippets. You don’t need to remember them!):

[css_gallery category_slug=your_category_of_choice_slug]

For example:

[css_gallery category_slug=winners]

This is the simple version of this shortcode, there are some additional attributes:

sites_per_page (default 9 post per page)

no_pagination, accepts values true or false and if true it disables the pagination! The default is false.

This is a simple one, you just add a page of post and use the shortcode [nominee_form] and save! So simple!

Video Installation


Errors and bug Reporting

Every application has its flaws and imperfections! If you experience any error related with the plugin. You must describe (in English or Greek) what you do before the error, and copy/paste the error message in your report.

Support & Consulting

We are able to offer commercial support and consulting services to help clients install, customize and integrate the plugin.

We can help you! Whether it’s a simple installation, or a custom design and implementation of the plugin for an interactive site, we can help. Below we provide an indicative price list for common tasks. Note that these prices are only indicative, and will vary based on time required, complexity, ease of access to your server and schedule.

Integrations, Upgrades & Migration


Initial contact is via e-mail, by filling the contact form below. We aim to respond to all e-mails within 48 hours, but please allow some time due to time differences (we are based in Greece (GMT + 2).
When collaborating on a project, we aim to communicate as much as necessary.


All payment must be made via PayPal. These services do not require you to be a member to pay, and offer consumer protection.
We require a deposit prior to project commencement, with the full balance paid once the final site has been verified, prior to final uploading to your server.

So that we’re on the same page, the commencement of any work is subject to agreement to a few basic terms of service and a statement of deliverables.


Any data, templates and code incorporated into your website will remain your property under your licensing terms during and following any work we perform.

We will not retain any client data or server access information subsequent to completion of our work. However we do request that, you grant us only a temporary (S)FTP account, that is deleted or has its password changed once we have finished. Visit https://www.matthewwoodward.co.uk/seo/ecommerce/ to optimize yur website.

WP Design Awards code itself is released under the commercial license. You can use it however you wish under the license terms. After the purchase of this plugin, you can install it on three (3) domain names, with unspecified number of hosts. Every derivative work is allowed if you mention as original creators!  Of course, we would prefer to discuss such arrangements first, before any derivative publication.

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